The Lady Cycle Team

Our aim is to provide, with Lady Cycle, a mobile application that accompanies women healthily throughout their fertile life period. We want to make a valuable contribution to society. Women should be able to use a safe, simple, and natural contraceptive, and become pregnant naturally, if they desire so. At the same time, their privacy should be protected. Lady Cycle provides a solid, sustainable foundation to accomplish just this.

Dr. Patricia Milz

Patricia has a master and PhD in Psychology from the University of Zurich. She works as a junior principal investigator at the KEY Institute for Brain-Mind Research in Zurich. She is responsible for the conceptual design of the Lady Cycle apps, acquisition of funding, and the establishment and coordination of scientific collaborations.

Dr. Stephan Gerhard

Stephan has a bachelor in Information Technology, a master in Neural Systems and Computation and a PhD in Natural Sciences from ETH Zurich. He works as a postdoctoral fellow at the Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basel. He is responsible for the development of the Android version of Lady Cycle and assures safe and private data management options for users.